John Heinz: A Western Pennsylvania Legacy
Town Hall MeetingJohn Heinz PortraitThe Heinz Family

Welcome to the online version of John Heinz: A Western Pennsylvania Legacy, a permanent exhibit of the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center.

The History Center created this site to enhance your visit, by providing more
in-depth information about John Heinz and the regional issues that were vitally important to him: Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Environment
and Society. Video clips of John Heinz are available for viewing, and additional audio, video and transcripts can be found in the Regional Challenge sections.

While Heinz did not live to see the Internet age, he would have marveled at the many ways it can empower a single individual—providing knowledge, answers, connections and the opportunity to communicate an idea to others. John Heinz believed that a single person can make a difference, that each one of us can act to change our region and our world. We hope that learning more about John Heinz and our region’s challenges will inspire you to do just that.

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